Thursday, September 25, 2008

ADDA President Ipsen Appoints ADDA Bargaining Team

ADDA President Steve Ipsen announced the appointment of 6 DDAs to the ADDA Bargaining Unit 801 bargaining team. The ADDA Board unanimously voted to affirm the appointment of the following DDAs:

1. DDA Frank Tavelman, ADDA Sr. Vice President
2. DDA Mark Debbaudt, ADDA Vice President
3. DDA Guy Shirley, ADDA Director/ Bargaining Committee Co-Chair
4. DDA Susan Powers, ADDA Director/ Discipline Committee co-chair
5. DDA John Harrold, ADDA Director/ Discipline Committee co-chair
6. DDA Steve Ipsen, ADDA President/ Bargaining Committee co-chair

The committee will meet and recommend 3 or more additional DDAs for the ADDA bargaining team. Bargaining is expected to begin in the next few weeks. The ADDA Team will work with ADDA Labor Advisors (below) in bargaining for better pay, retirement, benefits and working conditions in the weeks to come.

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