Thursday, September 25, 2008

ADDA Board Retains Labor "Dream Team"

John Rees, Bud Treece and Stephen Silver
In July 2008, the ADDA Board met with an unanimously voted to retain a "Dream Team" of collective bargaining expertise following a Board Meeting interview of former ALADS Executive Directors John Rees and Bud Treece. The Board also voted to name Attorney Stephen Silvers to the labor advisory group. The ADDA Board has developed a close relationship with John Rees over the last several years as he served as the ALADS Executive Director. ADDA President recently attended his ALADS retirement banquet and broached the subject of taking on a new challenge...the ADDA. After several days of contemplation, Rees called ADDA President Ipsen and expressed his excitement regarding the opportunity to share his expertise with us in our early stages of labor activity. Rees recommended pursuing Bud Treece, the long time ALADS Executive Director that preceeded him. Treece recently bargained on behalf of LA County Probation and secured significantly favorable terms including longevity bonuses.

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